Model SSC-E 7.1 / SSC-EP 7.1
1 floor-to-ceiling wide window

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Colour combinations
Stylish sound proofing cubes from pre-fabricated sandwiched elements with isolated constructionExperience more

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Die Standard-Version des Carstens Sound-STOPcubes, besteht aus zweischaligen Sandwich-Fertigelementen 120 mm stark,
mit Tür- und Fensterelementen, die in ihren schalldämmenden Wirkungsgrad harmonisch mit den Wandelementen abgestimmt sind.

Es wird eine erhebliche Schall-Reduzierung erreicht, die in der Regel für die meisten Anwendungen und der gewünschten Schallpegel-Absenkung ausreicht.


Ihr Premium Modellathlet


Für weitergehende Ansprüche der Schallreduzierung empfehlen wir die Premium-Version des Carstens Sound-STOP-cubes, bestehend aus doppelten zweischaligen Sandwich-Fertigelementen plus einem zusätzlichen 70 mm breitem Zwischenraum. Gesamtstärke des Wandaufbaus des Premium-Sound-STOP-cubs beträgt 310 mm.

Es wird ein Höchstmaß an Schall-Reduzierung erreicht und entspricht damit den Kundenforderungen nach absoluter Schallpegel-Absenkung.

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Sound-STOPcube® MODEL SSC-E 7.1 and SSC-EP 7.1

In following versions available:

Model Standard
Model Standard [experience more]
External dimension1
1875 x 1250 x 2405 mm high2
Model Premium
Model Premium [experience more]
External dimension1
2259 x 1634 x 2618 mm high3

Internal dimension:4
1635 x 1010 x 2050 mm Inside Headroom

Door width: 728 mm

  1. + 90 mm for projecting design
  2. Needed ceiling height 2500 mm
  3. Needed ceiling height 2700 mm
  4. Inside Headroom 2050 mm from cube-floor to bottom edge of ceiling absorber (also available 2180 und 2290 mm inside headroom)

Recommended basic scope of delivery

  • Designs applied to the short and long side of the cubes. Extension possible at an additional charge.
  • 1 sound and vibration proofed floor construction of 12cm height with colour-coordinated carpet.
  • 1 modern wall light with energy saving light bulb
  • Central cable entry point, soundproofed
  • Ceiling absorbers cover the entire ceiling surface
1 low profile ‘all-in-one’ inner unit with active intake and outtake ventilation system
or alternatively 1 low profile powerful ventilator mounted externally.
Cable duct with 1 double socket, pre-wired electrical connection for wall lighting, light switch with dimmer, switch for ventilation unit and cable for power input with plug: length 2000 mm
Fire alarm system for installation through the cable duct with both acoustic and visual signalling and an external warning signal.

Standard / Premium

Tailored to meet your requirements exactly


The Standard version of the Sound-STOPcubes® consists of a pre-fabricated two-layered sandwiched element 120 mm thick with door and window elements which are as effective in their sound proofing as the wall elements.

Considerable noise-reduction is achieved which is sufficient for most applications and uses.



The Premium athlete model


For more demanding requirements, we recommend the Premium version of the Sound-STOPcubes® which consist of a double pre-fabricated two-layered sandwiched element plus an additional inner cavity space of 70 mm.

The total thickness of the wall structure of the Premium Sound-STOPcubes® is 310 mm.

Maximum noise-reduction is achieved meeting the customer requirement of total sound level reduction.


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