Cube fittings

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Cube fittings
Stylish sound proofing cubes from pre-fabricated sandwiched elements with isolated constructionExperience more

Cube fittings

Doors - perfect in form and width

Depending on the design of your Sound-STOPcube®, whether the walls are single or double two-layered elements, each Sound-STOPcube® has one or two doors with generous dimensions for access and therefore offers comfort for the transfer of machines, tables, wheelchairs and instruments, etc into the cube.

A double-walled Sound-STOPcube® has an inner door which opens inwards and an outer door which opens outwards. The door materials and construction allow a high level of noise protection. All doors are, in general, fitted with 3-step rabbets and seals as well as modern reinforced, but easy to use, multiple-locking devices. All sides of the door frame / wall connections of the Sound-STOPcube® are sound proofed. The doors are fitted with a window as standard.

Windows - more room for your freedom

The generously sized, highly sound proofed window elements prevent any feelings of claustrophobia. Where necessary, a film can be fitted to cover the windows in order to create a "one way mirror" effect - enabling a view from the inside out, but not from the outside in.

All windows consist of special sound protecting glass of the highest quality, made up of differing layers of thickness with appropriate airspace between layers. Isolation of the window panes is achieved through sound proofing seals running on all sides. The different window shapes available are planned as fixed elements.

Inner Ventilation of Sound-STOPcube® - you really won´t want to come out!

The supply of fresh air and the removal of stale air in the Sound-STOPcube® is achieved in smaller cube sizes through an inner, low profile "all-in-one" unit with active intake and outtake ventilation.

For all other cube sizes, an externally mounted ventilation system is used which consists of a powerful, super-silent ventilator with passive air supply. All air ducts are sound proofed.

Where required, the cube can be fitted with an externally mounted, low profile air conditioning unit with active and passive intake and outtake ventilation. The room temperature of the cube can be infinitely adjusted by means of a remote control. All air ducts are sound proofed.

The differing ventilation system offered for the Sound-STOPcube® also allow cooling as necessary and therefore create a pleasant environment and feeling of well-being at all times.

Electrical Connections and supply in the Sound-STOPcube® - more for your safety

The supply for every Sound-STOPcube® includes a modular, pluggable cable duct which, depending on room size, has a basic fitting of switches and sockets. This can be easily extended, even at a later date, depending on customer requirements. The central supply line for electricity supply is also sound proofed. The connection of the electricity supply of the Sound-STOPcube® to the building supply must be carried out by a qualified electrician onsite.

Interior lighting of the Sound-STOPcube®

The Sound-STOPcube® is fitted with modern and attractive inner wall lights with energy saving light bulbs as standard. The wall lights can optionally be fitted with normal light bulbs in order to avoid interference with electronic equipment being used in the Sound-STOPcube®.


Learn more about the construction

Learn more about the construction.

Can you hear the difference?

Can you hear the difference?

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Flexible additions